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Hello everybody! My name is Dmitry Demchenko! I am living and working in Tokyo.
I am 20 years old. I speak fluent Japanese, English, and of course, Russian, I am studying Spanish as well. I have been doing TV jobs and modeling.
I’ve been doing such TV jobs, as:
NHK, Russian language program
MX Tokyo, 5jinimutyu ( For Japanese readers 『5時に夢中」)
Tokyo terebi, dramas
Modeling jobs: Lacoste, Panasonic, Sony, Casio, Mazda, Fila, Nissin( with Kimura Takuya), Morinaga and many many others.
I have been doing Japanese mixed martial art, called Kudo Daido-juku for 4 years. It is one of most violent mixed martial arts. I am preparing for the black belt grading right now.
I want to go to Hollywood to be an actor there! I have a passion for it. I love movies very much. I will try my best to realize my dream. If you have anything to say please don’t hesitate to send me messages and comments.
Thank you very much.


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